Air Riflery Receive Grant to Upgrade Equipment Posted March 21, 2019 by cesaki


The Kapaa High Air Riflery coach Sgt Verasammy and the team captains attended the February board meeting to accept the remaining balance of $2900 from the original $4000 grant request.  Coach Verasammy thanked the Foundation for helping the team get much needed equipment.  For the first time ever,   Kapaa High School has been winning the KIF championship in boys and girls.  In the past the Kapaa team competed with very old and substandard equipment.  With the Foundation grants and the team fundraising efforts,  the Air Riflery team now have new quality equipment that has enabled them to train properly and win matches.

Sgt Verasammy explained their goal of constructing a first class shooting range one day so the students are not lying in mud when it rains.

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