Daniel Hamada retired at the end of December 2018 after serving as principal of Kapaa High School for 8 years.     Mr. Hamada worked at Kapaa Elementary, Kekaha Elementary , Eleele School and Kapaa High School before being Kauai Complex area Superintendent for 7 years and assistant superintendent for 4  years.    In 2010 he returned to Kauai to take on the challenge of being principal of Kapaa High School.

As principal, Mr. Hamada  felt a sense of purpose in  fostering a sense of pride in the high school.   Under his leadership and with the support of  the teachers and counselors,  Kapaa High School started a program to support incoming Freshmen with academic counseling and numerous community service projects to give students a sense of purpose and direction, and keep them engaged.   The structured projects and events has the added benefit of students acquiring  team building and  leadership skills.   The students also  have a chance to bond  with their classmates creating a strong support system.    There was a time when Kapaa High School  had a very high dropout rate.  Kapaa High School now boasts a 99% graduation rate for incoming Freshmen.

Mr. Hamada will be replaced by his vice principal, Thomas Cox.   Mr. Hamada is confident that Mr. Cox will continue to support the students, counselors, and teachers.  ” I’m excited for Tommy. His strength is that he listens to people.  Its time for the next generation take over.”

Hamada will continue  giving advice and support to the new principal during a transition period.  He will also continue supporting  the Kapaa High School Foundation board.

Foundation President Art Fujita and Secretary Sharyl Lam Yuen congratulate Mr. Hamada at Retirement party.




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