Foundation gave out more grants at end of 2018 Posted January 18, 2019 by cesaki


Girls Volleyball Coach Tori Tuttle accept $1100 grant to update aging equipment

Sgt. 1st Class Ian Verasammy, air riflery coach accept $1100 grant to update old equipment

Canoe Paddling coach Micah Mokuahi and members of Paddling team received a  $2000 grant from President Art Fujita








The Kapaa High School Foundation ended the year with several more  grants being given out to athletic teams.

The Special Education Community Based Instruction Program was given $1000 to support the cooking activities of the program.

Air Riflery and Girls Volleyball received $1100 each, and   Canoe Paddling got $2000 at the last board meeting in November.

Throughout the year  the Kapaa High School Foundation was able to give out $10,000 each to Senior Class,  Athletics, and Other school activities.


The Kapaa High School Foundation would like to acknowledge and thank the many supporters of the Foundation for their generous donations throughout the year.  The donations were used to purchase athletic equipment and supplies,   help sponsor Project Grad, provide scholarships,  assist clubs and classes in their community service projects, and to support club  events and activities throughout the year.

  The Foundation would also like to thank the  dedicated teachers, coaches, advisors, counselors,  maintenance staff and volunteers at Kapaa High School who work tirelessly  to make Kapaa High School a better place.      




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