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Picnic Table Pavilion Project


Mission: The Construction Academy will construct eight “Picnic Table Pavilions” on the Kapa’a High School campus for students to use during break periods and to be used by teachers when working outside of the classroom.


Challenge:  Currently, students do not have a place to “Hang out” during recess and lunch periods as they are currently “ in the hallways and stairways.  The Construction Academy students were tasked with the assignment of first, researching what are the needs of the students, designing a solution, and then constructing their proposed design.


Project Goals:  The Picnic Table Pavilion project consist of three phases, the “Concrete Slab”, construction of “Picnic Tables”, and  third phase of constructing the “Columns” and “Roof Structure” of the pavilion.



SY 2014-2016 – First, ten concrete slabs were constructed throughout the Kapa’a campus.


SY 2016-2017 – Secondly, ten picnic tables were framed and painted.


SY 2017-2018 Fall Semester – The columns on two of the eight projected picnic pavilions were constructed..


SY 2017-2018 Spring Semester –    We were scheduled to complete the “Roofing Structure” for the two slabs, but due to the construction to the carpentry facility, the construction academy will only have time to construct one “Roof Structure” by the end of the 2018 Spring semester.


SY 2018-2019 – Construction Academy plans to complete three pavilion structures.


The Construction Academy would like to all of the people who have supported this great learning project as well as providing a place for ALL students to enjoy.


Mahalo Nui Loa

Evan Costa

Building and Construction Teacher


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