Mr Keith Kitamura, Peer Mediation Advisor, along with Trevor,  Myah, and Carli, members of his peer mediation team approached the Kapaa High Foundation  with a request for a MacBook computer to create videos and presentations to be used in their outreach programs.  The videos they create are intended to become viral, and spread their messages beyond Kapaa High School to the rest of the State and the world.

The Peer Mediation Program is a proactive student focused program that trains students how to help other students resolve relationship conflicts without being   judgemental.  They help with conflicts concerning bullying, damaging rumors, peer pressure, disagreements, and other relationship issues.

The goal of the program is to strengthen the resiliency of students by giving them problem solving skills, self confidence and a deeper sense of purpose.  Students in this class are required to complete  formal peer mediation training.  They give presentations on anger management and conflict resolution to incoming Freshmen, and make themselves available(through counselers) to help students in need.  They have a mentorship program with Kapaa Elementary and Kilauea Elementary through visits, activities, self-created videos, presentaions.

Following the informative presentation by Mr. Kitamura and his student support team, the Board decided to give the Peer Mediation a grant of $1,250.00 to cover the cost of a much needed computer.

Peer Mediation advisor Keith Kitamura with students Carli, Myah, and Trevor with Board member Barbara Yamane and Art Fujita

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